The Secretariat of the Consortium
International Consortium,
The Platform of Economic Security
Al. Mireckiego 22 / 25
41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland

Representation of the Consortium
in Poland

Agencja Bezpieczeństwa gospodarczego
(Economic Security Agency)
Rynek 11/11, 42-600 Tarnowskie Góry, Poland

Representation of the Consortium
in Ukraine

KUB Fortum Ltd
ul. Khoryv d.39-41,
04071 Kiev, Ukraine

Representation of the Consortium
in the People's Republic of China

General representative
Mr. She Helong
mob. phone: + 86 151 3059 0502

Representation of the Consortium
in the Germany

Gredka Consulting
Büro für deutsch – polnische Zusammenarbeit
Konrad – Wolf – Straße 104
D-13055 Berlin

The representative of the Consortium
in Lithuania

Fortis Vostok UAB, 10-18 Druskininku g.,
Druskininkai, Litwa
tel. +370 695 15567

The representative of the Consortium in USA
Alan Walsh, Huntington Consultancy
16444 Bolsa Chica Street, #31
Huntington Beach, California 92649

Dryps Consulting Georgia Ltd.
Str. Gamsakhurdia, 51
4400 Poti
Tel: +995 597 923280

Representation of the Consortium
in the Serbia

PRAVAC serbian investigating agency
Radomir  M.  Misaljevic master of law
Vladimir Popovic 38, 190768 Belgrade 27


International Consortium The Platform of Economic Security, is a voluntary association of companies pursuing its statutory objectives and tasks.

Reaffirming respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, democracy and justice, highly assessing the importance of international cooperation and respect for the established legal order, guided by the principles of confidentiality, equality and mutual respect, tolerance and trust, the founders of the Consortium have created this project to aim to strengthen cooperation among sectors: business, science, research and development, industry, education, labor market, state services and the organization of socio-economic environment, for the shaping and implementation of programs, plans and strategies at national and global levels. The joint activity will seek to combat all causes and effects of dishonesty and crime, in any form.
The purpose of the Consortium is to develop practical solutions for guaranteeing the growth of safety in domestic and international business transactions in the first place addressed to a group of small and medium-sized companies, which are particularly exposed to danger.

Activities of the Consortium correlate with the assumptions to the plan to combat organized crime in Poland, developed by Ministry Internal Affairs and Polish Government, particularly improving methods to counter organized crime by strengthening the role of social prevention.

Main task of the Consortium is to prevent the formation of economic crime, consisting of identifying and eliminating factors that contribute. This activity allows entrepreneurs to quickly identify risks and their effective removal. Non-operational approach to combating organized crime in economy is also one of the priorities pursued within the European Union and for the exchange of international experience in this field.

Our partner, Ph. dr. Dariusz Woźnicki (General Director of Economic Security Agency) belongs to Government's team of experts to combat organized crime in Poland.

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